Monday, February 2, 2015

Military Monday: Ferrying a B-26 from California to Japan, Late September 1952

After survival school and a brief family visit (with his first cousin once removed Henrietta Gauer Strible and her husband Jack, along with his brother, my uncle Bob Pape) in San Francisco, my dad, Frederick Henry Pape, was assigned to a group of twelve pilots and twelve navigators ferrying twelve B-26 aircraft from McClellan Air Force Base outside Sacramento, California, to Tachikawa Air Force Base in Tokyo, Japan.  I've written about some of my dad's memories of this trip in a previous post, and will write more over the next couple weeks.  Above is a page from my dad's military scrapbook, showing his drawing of the route they took, as well as a photo of the Tumon Bay area in Guam (long before the development boom there).

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