Friday, January 2, 2015

Follow Friday: Genealogy Do-Over in 2015

This is a 13-week program designed by Thomas MacEntee of Geneabloggers.  The idea is to stop and take a breather from genealogical research, get organized, and then start back up in a more orderly fashion (citing sources thoroughly, for example).  The topics to be covered are relevant and timely for me.  I've felt I've gone about as far as I can with the same old resources, not to mention, so much of my and mother's research is so disorganized that I am probably repeating searches.

I'm linking to a few resources here:  Thomas' blog posts on this topic, and the resource page.  I've already decided the Facebook group is way too overwhelming and too much of a time suck.  I may go to it to get other ideas on particular topics that Thomas brings up that are of interest to me, but (as with many groups I've joined in Facebook), I need to pull it out of my news feed.  For now, I'm just following the links shown here.

I don't plan to do a whole lot differently in this blog.  I will eventually continue the series about my dad's military service that I worked on in May and November 2014.  I'll keep sharing and writing about old family photos.

The project for yesterday and today is data backup.  My file organization system, especially for photos, is really lacking.  My plan is to read the links above each week but not necessarily do everything right away.  I'd rather learn first before jumping in and possibly making an even better mess.

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