Wednesday, June 18, 2014

(Almost-) Wordless Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Wall

photo courtesy Heather Grandusky Odden
photo courtesy Marianne Streff Gustafson
I thought this was a really cute idea for a photo booth prop (and another great way to incorporate old family pictures in a wedding).  These are from the recent wedding of a first-cousin-once-removed. Hang wedding photos for couples related to the bride and groom (parents, grandparents, etc.) on a wall made of plywood and covered with wallpaper or an old sheet, along with some large frames surrounding openings in the wall.  When I first saw the top image, I thought the "photos" of 1C1Rs Heather and J.J. (and their spouses Kevin and Marianne respectively) above, were REAL!  Only J. J.'s hand on the frame gives it away!  The second photo has 1C1R Christy and her fiance Dave.  In the photo below, my 1C Marianne and her husband Bill make their pictures come a little TOO alive!
photo courtesy Marianne Streff Gustafson

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