Monday, March 3, 2014

Matrilineal Motivation Monday: Fearless Female Blogging Prompts

I am delighted that the awesome Thomas MacEntee, guru of Geneabloggers, asked me if he could use the picture of Breathless' aunt Ruby Clayton Moore Albillar from one of my posts to create a sidebar link on the website for Lisa Azlo's "Fearless Females" series of blog prompts for March, National Women's History Month.

I've done Fearless Female blog posts in the past, not necessarily following Lisa's prompts, but trying to focus on my female ancestors and kin during this month.  My blogging time has been limited of late, due to some family health issues and trying to deal with various papers and items I brought home to sort through after my 85-year-old parents moved six months ago (my guest room is packed to the brim!).  But I hope to use Lisa's prompts as a motivator this month, if only to dig through some of the multitude of photos of women I've scanned over the past year and post and write about them here.

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