Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Pape Family, circa 1935

My grandmother, Elizabeth Florence Massmann Pape (1902-2000), with her children, from left, Rose Mary Pape Dietz (1931-2007), Marilyn Electa Pape Hedger (born 1933), Paul Robert Pape Jr. (1926-2008), Elizabeth "Betty" Marie Pape Streff (born 1927), and my dad, Frederick Henry Pape (born 1929).  Not sure why my grandfather, Paul Robert Pape Sr. (1896-1970), is not in the picture.

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  1. Great photo. Maybe your grandfather was taking the picture?

  2. Hadn't thought of that, Amy! I just assumed it was a professional photographer. Maybe he was standing just to the side of another photographer, because it seems like everyone is looking a little bit to their left.

  3. This is a lovely photo. Your grandmother was attractive and the children so adorable! Everyone's dressed up, they must have been going to church or a special event?

    1. Seems likely, Queen Bee. I will have to ask my dad and my aunt if they remember anything about when this picture was taken.