Monday, January 30, 2012

Motivation Monday: Featured in "May I Introduce To You..."!

Today I was honored to be featured in Gini Webb's (of Ginisology) “May I Introduce To You . . .” series at Geneabloggers.

In the section about "How Amanda Follows the Rest of Us," I forgot to include that I'll also often read posts that appear in the "roll-up" widgets for daily and weekly blog prompts on Geneabloggers. I've discovered some new blogs to follow that way. I also find new blogs to follow with people who comment on my blog posts.

So - please comment! And thank you for stopping by my blog!

[The photo is of me at age 10 and is the inspiration for my username in most places.]

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  1. Way to to Amanda! I really enjoy your blogs, so happy others are discovering them too!.