Monday, January 4, 2010

Family photos from Christmas 2009

Left: Day after Xmas 2009, Austin, Texas. Standing: Fred Pape, Mary Pape, Amanda Pape and her sweetie Mark, Mark Pape, Debbie Reynolds Pape. Sitting: Sister Jean Marie Guokas, Johan Pape, Gerrie Guokas Pape.

Right:=> My niece and nephews Mady, Nick, and Noah Pape, from the 2010 calendar they gave me.

Left: Eric Bolme, Brian Pape, and Paige Frederick Pape on Christmas Day 2009 in Austin, Texas.

The only family member missing from these pictures who was there (most of the time) is my sister Karen Pape - who hates for me to take her picture!

In other family news, Mark's nephew Evan Crane married Melissa Dipinto on Christmas Eve in New York City.

© Amanda Pape - 2010


  1. Great photos! I found you right away and didn't even need the cheat sheet. :)

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