Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Kodachrome in Korea II

While cleaning out the study of my deceased father, Frederick Henry Pape (1929-2017) last month, I found a paper bag containing a number of Kodachrome slides from the early and mid-1950s, taken during his time in Korea and also in Chicago and Evanston, Illinois.  Kodachrome is extremely stable, and the color on these slides is near pristine.  I'll be sharing some of the images over the year.

Unfortunately the mounts on the slides do not have any processing dates, but I know this one was taken sometime between October 9, 1952, and March 7, 1953, because that is the period when he was in Korea with the Air Force.  The Bengal tiger painted on the B-25 plane was the emblem of the 37th Bomb Squadron, of which Dad was a member.  Dad is standing just below the navigator/bombardier's station, which was in the nose compartment of the B-25.

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