Thursday, April 2, 2015

Those Places Thursday: Trout Lake Club, 1982 and 2014

In August 2013, I wrote about the Trout Lake Club, aka TLC, a place that is special to my Streff cousins (and much of our extended family, as we get the opportunity to see it).  FINALLY, in August 2014, I got to see it for myself.  It is just as beautiful as all my relatives who have been there say it is, and I understand now why they go back every summer.  *I* want to go back!

I also found some old photos from when my parents visited along with my grandmother in September 1982, so I'm pairing them up here.  TLC is located in the Adirondacks in New York, close to Bolton Landing on Lake George.

My aunt Betty Streff and her children own a cabin at the club which they have christened Summerset.  This is because their family home for many years was on a street called Winterset.  Here are my grandmother, Elizabeth Massmann Pape (1902-2000), and my mother, Geraldine Guokas Pape, coming down the steps in September 1982 (photo probably taken by my father, Fred Pape):

And here's me with approximately the same view, almost 32 years later.  The Streffs added more stairs and handrails to make getting to and from the cabin safer.  My cousin Beth Streff Malone took the photo.  She kindly drove many miles from her home in Rochester to meet us in Saratoga Springs, where we spent a wonderful afternoon, then led us up to the town of Lake George, then Bolton Landing (and the Sagamore Resort there, where we had dinner), and on to Trout Lake Club to spend the night in Summerset.  In the morning, Beth and I took a long walk and she showed me around.

Just a little way from where I'm standing in the photo above is a short road that heads down to what is called "Owners' Dock," as it's for the people who actually own cabins at Trout Lake Club.  Here's how it looked in September 1982 when my parents visited:

And here's how it looked in August 2014, very well maintained (photo by Beth Streff Malone):

Here is a lovely twilight photo taken from the front of the cabin by my mom or dad, from either the front living room window or the screened-in front porch:

Not quite the same view, but here is the front living room window view in August 2014, surrounded by photos of some of my Aunt Betty's many grandchildren and great-grandchildren (this photo by Beth Streff Malone):

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