Monday, April 27, 2015

Military Monday Memories: Moving Back to K-9 from K-1, late 1952

From my dad Frederick Pape's military scrapbook:

From the 17th Bomb Wing (Light) - Korea page:

During the October to December [1952] time frame, the 17th moved from K-9 [Pusan East] to K-1 (Pusan West) to allow for the resurfacing of the K-9 runway from PSP [perforated or pierced steel planking, used for prefabricated runways] to asphalt. The Wing returned to K-9 on 20 December [1952] having flown uninterrupted through both moves. Weather was the primary cause of lost missions. The new runway, while superior to the PSP, lasted about thirty days and underwent continual repair through the cessation of hostilities.

On the back of this photo, my dad wrote:  "The help carrying away the remains of our K-1 mess hall, which burned down the day before we left K-1."

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