Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday's Faces From the Past: Around K-1, 1952

Yet more pictures from my dad Fred Pape's military scrapbook:

On the back of this one, it says, "Looking north down main road (?) of K-1 waiting for truck to take us to briefing.  Jim Bayes and I on the right."

At left is an enlargement of the part of the picture with Jim and my dad.  Jim was Dad's roommate during navigator training at Ellington Air Force Base in Houston.

The gentleman with the dark pants on the far left in the picture above looks to be the same as the gentleman in the picture below, of Dick Capps.  On the back of that photo, Dad wrote,

"Dick Capps, crackerjack bombardier from 34th B[omb] S[quadron] and a good friend.  Druggist by desire, bombardier by Air Force."

Unfortunately, this wasn't quite enough information for me to be able to find out anything more about Dick Capps (so far).

Here's the building I believe they were traveling to:

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