Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday's Faces from the Past: Fearless Females of Ford House, 1945-6

Members of Ford House at the University of Texas - Austin in 1945-46 (my mother, Geraldine Margaret Guokas Pape, is in the back/top/sixth row)

Front row:  Peggy McMahan, Billie L. Wimberly Smith, Mary (or Margaret "Margie") Varley, Margo Elzner, Jessie Mae Womack, Selma Sussman, Sonya Chicotsky, Toby Joy Aronoff, Margaret "Margie" (or Mary) Varley.

Second row:  Marcella Shroyer Kendall, Gene Sollars, Glenna Kimbrel, Rosalie "Rozie" Pryzant, Naomi Sussman, Shirley Grevsky, Ruth Kreisler, Nedra Durden.

Third row:  Fannie Pryzant, Judy Gerick, Betty Jane Posnick, Ida Heintz, Rita Beth Juran, Rosalie Paley, Frankie Jean Barnes, Eunice Mildred "Millie" Brooks.

Fourth row:  Thelma Moore, Mary Lou Miller, Maryetta Beffa, Mary Louise "Mary Lou" Bell, Ruthe Bastion, Mae Sampson, Marvinel Roten.

Fifth row:  Doris Oden, Mary Jean Boase, Wynona Bowler, Norma Hansen, Elaine Carlson, Gene Torbett, Ruth Ranville.

Sixth row:  Runnelle Loyd, Geraldine Guokas, Claire Richards, Mary Anna Benson, Jo Ann Lilly, Comfort Holt.

More about Ford House and these ladies in future posts.

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