Wednesday, August 15, 2012

(Not-So-) Wordless Wedding Wednesday: Gordon Parks and Pat Pape Hunter, August 17, 1948

This is Gordon Merritt Parks (1916-2004) and Patricia "Pat" Pape Hunter (1923-1967) on their wedding day, August 17, 1948, 64 years ago this Friday.  The picture was provided by Pat's daughter Debby, a relative I just made contact with a few months ago via information in Gordon's obituary. 

Before Debby could tell me, I was able to figure out where Gordon and Pat got married.  I knew it was in Chicago, and was pretty sure it was a Catholic church, as Pat was raised Catholic.

See the "1633" on the door in the background?  I did a search on the words "1633 Catholic church Chicago" (without the quotation marks) and pulled up St. Michael's in Old Town.  Then, using Street View in Google Maps,  I wandered (virtually) around the church until I found an entrance that pretty much matched up to this one.  The doors now have windows cut into them, and there are handrails now on each side of the stairs, but this is the entrance to the rectory of St. Michael's Catholic Church in the Old Town part of Chicago, at 1633 North Cleveland Avenue.

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  1. You should have been a detective! Great research

  2. Good observation, Amanda. I didn't even notice the number. Thanks for participating in our Doors of Faith carnival at The Catholic Gene with St. Michael's church doors!

  3. Thanks, Tracy and Lisa - this is going to be a fun series!