Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Travel Tuesday: Balzekas Museum - Lithuanian Costumes

On our visit to the Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture in Chicago back on August 8, 2017, we spent a lot of time in the Women's Guild Room, which featured Lithuanian folk arts, including examples of clothing and regional costumes.

Above:  Costume representing the Aukštaitija (Highlands) region, which is the area my ancestors are from.  It was purchased in 1930 in Kaunas, Lithuania and donated by Mrs. Joana Andriulus.

Below:  This costume was created by the famous folk artist Anastasija Tamošaitienė (born 1910) and belonged to Juzefa Daužvardienė (1904-1990), the Lithuanian General Honorary Consul in Chicago from 1971 to 1985, who was one of the sponsors of the museum.  Note the elaborate designs that were woven into the linen on the collar, cuffs, and sleeves of the blouse.  

Above and below:  Hand-woven aprons made with wool and linen yard made in Lithuania in the early and mid 1800s.  From the Cultural Treasure Collection of the Lithuanian University Club of Chicago.

More information on Lithuanian folk costumes is here:  http://folkcostume.blogspot.com/search?q=lithuania

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