Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sentimental Sunday: Sauliukas and Osvaldas, ABT 1975

My Lithuanian third cousin Osvaldas Guokas sent me another couple pictures that he said I could post in this blog. Here is what he had to say about them:

Cousins Sauliukas and Osvaldas, ABT 1975

"This is only one of a few photos with Saulius Tamulionis,  my cousin....The photo was done near Čelkiai, I think near the Tamuliuonis house, on the grange [farmstead] near Čelkiai.

Saulius is the son of Adelė Burkauskaitė Tamulionienė (who is the daughter of Marytė Guokaitė Burkauskienė).  Saulius Tamulionis died young, at 18 years old.  We know he was a very friendly and very smart boy.

I think that it is early spring 1975, the time of my first steps.  Stanislovas Tamulionis (the brother of Saulius) who did this photo shoot, loves all electronics and techniques, he purchased a camera, took the shots, and he did all the photochemical process himself.

Saulius is very nice Lithuanian man's name and comes from the Lithuanian word Saulė - the Sun in English. It's like son of the Sun.  And nobody called him Saulius, only the nickname Sauliukas (it is more shiny, more lovely).

They lived in the old big wooden Tamulionis family house near the road from Plaučiškiai to Žvirbloniai.  The Communists in Soviet times let Stanislovas Tamulionis and Adelė Burkauskaitė Tamulionė stay in this house, because it was not in the fields, but near the road.

Google map and satellite images locating the Lithuanian towns mentioned in this post

Two kilometers from this house to Žvirbloniai is the Galaliai grange where there is one family house. In this house lived Justinas Guokas and Alfonsa Remeikaitė Guokienė. But they had not owned it from the beginning. The Communists destroyed Justinas' house, that he constructed himself. And they forced them to move from their own house to the Galaliai grange.  I don't know who was the owner of this house before Justinas moved in, I just know that the Galaliai grange house was not Guokas property from the beginning.

At the time I was born in 1974, my father Vytautas Guokas and my mother Genovaitė Jurgaitytė Guokienė lived with Alfonsa Guokiene in this house in Galaliai in the neighborhood with the Tamulionis family. We lived in this house from the time of my parents' marriage and moved to the town of Pakruojis one year after my birth. So I spent a lot of time with my Tamulionis cousins in the first year of my life.

From my childhood I remember an old well in the Tamulionis house yard. It was old style, wooden, with old big hard wooden construction like in the photo below.

And I remember a big, brown, strong horse in the yard :) I dropped down from this horse together with my brother when I was about 7 years old and my brother Arūnas was about 3 years old." 

Senas šulinys [Old well] / VN (Virgis of Pakruojis, Lithuania) / CC BY 2.0

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