Wednesday, February 8, 2017

(Not-So-) Wordless Wednesday: GEDmatch Eye Color Prediction

Did you know that if you upload DNA test results to GEDmatch, you can use an eye color prediction tool on their site?

According to the site, the eye color predictor works best with DNA results from 23andMe.  In addition, the utility "used samples from the GEDmatch database which consists mostly of European descendants. As such, it will be less accurate for other ancestries."

So, knowing this in advance, I ran the predictor on my husband's AncestryDNA test results.  He is of mostly European extraction.  Here is the result:

The results page also provides the following information:

"Read rules from top to bottom. In some cases, a rule cancels out results from rules above it.

GG at: rs7174027 - Blocks some melanin. Often gives light colored eyes.

CC at: rs4778241 - Low Melanin. Basis for Gray, Blue, Green, or Yellow Eyes if no other pigmentation is present.
CC at: rs9782955 - Blocks some melanin. Often gives light colored eyes.
TT at: rs1129038 - Penetrance modifier. Blue.
GG at: rs12906280 - Gray ring around outer edge
CC at: rs7403602 - High density on Anterior Stroma. Blocks melanin. Blocks blue. Gives lighter colors.
TT at: rs1667394 - Starburst (Collarette)
CC at: rs12203592 - No pigmented Collarette.

8 rules were used to make this prediction. There are 61 active rules in our evaluation model, utilizing 41 SNPs."

And here is my husband's eye in a photograph that I took in May 2016:

The website asks you to rate the accuracy of the prediction.  Here are the choices:

  • It's exactly right.
  • Color is correct. It missed one or two tiny details, but it's very close.
  • Came close on the color(s), and got a lot of the details.
  • Got some of the colors in my eye, but missed a lot of details.
  • The color is not exactly close, but it's not a complete miss either.
  • The prediction missed the color completely, but it picked up a few other details.
  • Completely wrong. The color's not even close.

So what do you think?  Let me know in the comments!

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