Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday's Faces From the Past: Happy Cousins Day!

Today, July 24, is Cousins Day!  I have 23 wonderful first cousins, all on my dad's side of the family.  Here is a photo of many of them (plus me and two of my siblings, plus the spouses of two cousins) at our grandmother Elizabeth Florence Massmann Pape's 80th birthday party in Chicago on December 18, 1982:

Standing on the table in the background: Tom Streff, me, Beth Streff Malone.
Back row, standing:  Jim Hedger, Ron Dietz, Karen Pape, Rosemary Streff Grandusky, Tom Hedger, Marianne Streff Gustafson, Rob Dietz, Bud Streff, John Hedger, Karen (Mrs. Jim) Hedger, Steve Grandusky.
Front row, standing:  Shelly Dietz Sowinski, Bobbie Pape, Regina Dietz, Ruth Dietz Zidek, Judy Pape, Mary Pape.
Kneeling in front:  Rich Dietz, Dan Streff.

Missing cousins:  Paul Streff, Terrie Pape Zitzelsberger, Donna Pape Jajich, Joe Hedger, Ginnie Hedger Ciesielski, Pete Hedger.
Missing siblings:  Mark and Brian Pape.

Using married names for my female cousins only if they were married at the time of this photo.

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