Friday, November 28, 2014

Friday's Faces From the Past: Graduation From Navigator School

Dad graduated from Navigator School on April 11, 1952.  Below is his class picture.  Note that he wrote on it (near the bottom) "52-05 Last of the Navigators."  The name of the position was changed from Navigator to Observer right about the time Dad graduated, and he wasn't too happy about that.

Back row:  William V. Ryden, Pierre P. Demart*, Norbert G. Langrand*, Donald V. Ridenour, James R. O'Mahoney, Paul F. Woodberry, Frederick H. Pape, Forrest L. Hicks, Willie J, Rivers, Gene W. Ellinghouse

Middle row:  Claude J. Gueguen*, Claude G. Bieth*, Jacques P. Frezouls*, Phillipe Millischer*, Sam A. Austin, Delfino V. D'Ambrosio, Daniel E. Draper, James F. Bayes, Joseph G. Halpin, Arthur S. Nanos.

Front row, kneeling:  G. Paul Sims, Frederick R. Allen, Douglas G. McComas, Richard R. Parks, Garfield G. Thomas, Earl B. Roehm, Joseph H. Daniels, Pierre V. LeCointe*, Jean J. Vigne*, Walter Simon.

Missing:  Harold Lund of Norway.
*French students

Above is the cover from the program for the graduation ceremony.  Note that Dad crossed out Observer and wrote in Navigator instead.  Below is Dad's diploma - I wiped out his service number for privacy.

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