Wednesday, September 10, 2014

(Not-So-) Wordless Wednesday: Mom's 1953 Europe Road Trip: Sweden

From Mom's Europe trip diary, in the "PLACES VISITED" section:
September 10, Thursday – Road between Sarpsborg, Norway, and Kungsbacka, Sweden

Left Norwegian home and drove to Halden [Norway] where we ate breakfast.  Spent about 45 min. in a bank trying to get a traveler's check changed into Swedish money.  Quite a complicated process which I won't do again.  Went through Norwegian and Swedish customs without inspection again.  Drove on to Kungsbacka where we spent the night.*

* According to the "HOTELS STOPPED AT" section of the trip diary, my mother and her friends stayed at the Stadshotellet in Kungsbacka, Sweden this night.

Stadshotellet i Kungsbacka [City hotel in Kungsbacka, May 1948] / Fredrik Daniel Bruno via Swedish National Heritage Board / CC Public Domain - no known copyright restrictions
Here's another image of the hotel, from a postcard postmarked in 1952, used with permission of its owner, Leif Gustafsson, from his website:

And here is a May 1948 image of the Kungsbacka church and the Town Hall at Stortorget (the Main Square) in Kungsbacka:

Kungsbacka kyrka och rådhuset vid Stortorget i Kungsbacka / Fredrik Bruno via Swedish National Heritage Board / No known copyright restrictions

This is the 34th in a series of posts transcribing entries in my mother's 1953 Europe Trip journal.

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