Thursday, June 13, 2013

Those Places Thursday: Mom & Dad's House in Fredericksburg, Texas

When my dad retired in 1993, my parents were living in Lancaster, Texas.  Dad's company had transferred him there in 1985, but after 27 years in Houston, it didn't feel like home.  They did not want to go back to Houston, though, either - it had gotten too big since Mom's childhood there.

We spent a lot of wonderful vacations in the Texas Hill Country.  Mom & Dad had some other friends from Houston that had retired in Fredericksburg, so they decided to go there as well.  They found a vacant lot in an established neighborhood in town and had a custom home built there, moving in around September 1993.

Theirs was one of the first homes in Fredericksburg to be xeriscaped.  People used to drive by just to take a look at the landscaping, and now a number of homes in Fredericksburg are xeriscaped.  The front yard (pictured above) features sage and a desert willow.

The backyard does have a bit of grass, and they've also added a gazebo and storage shed.  They also have some beautiful drought-tolerant trees as well, such as Chinese pistache and Mexican plum.  At right is the view from the back porch, a pleasant place to be early in the morning, with its wind chimes and hummingbird feeder.

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