Wednesday, November 14, 2012

(Not-So-) Wordless Wednesday: Gertrude and John Pape, ABT December 1918

This photograph (at left) of my great-grandparents, Gertrude Kramer Pape (1859-1919) and John Pape (1851-1945), was taken about 94 years ago, probably in October or November 1918, as they are dressed the same way they were in this picture (below) from the same time period:

Why do I think both pictures were taken in one of those two months?  Walter Pape (1900-1975), the son in the middle of the picture above, served in the Army only from October 5 through November 14, 1918.  The other two brothers are my grandfather Paul (left, 1896-1970) and Lee (right, 1893-1979); both served in the Navy in World War I.  Both photographs were taken in front of the Pape family home at 1043 Sherman Avenue in Evanston, Illinois, so snow was certainly possible then.  

[NOTE:  My cousin-in-law Cathy Dietz sent some information about snowfall in the Chicago area in 1918 and 1919.  There was no snow in October 1918, and only half an inch total in November 1918.  However, there was 8.8 inches in December 1918, and 1.8 inches in January 1919.  Daily snow depth was at least two inches for the last part of December 1918 and first part of January 1919.  I think the picture was probably taken during the Christmas holidays, perhaps while Lee (and perhaps Paul) were home on leave from the Navy.]

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