Wednesday, November 7, 2012

[Not-So-] Wordless Wednesday: Another Aunt Gret Watercolor

watercolor by Gretchen Reis Pape, 1939, photo courtesy Regina Szpak
My mom sent a letter to my cousin Regina, asking if they had any pictures by our Great Aunt Gretchen Reis Pape, who was an artist.  Mom thought that perhaps ones hanging in my grandparents' home might have passed down to Regina or her siblings, as our grandmother Elizabeth Massmann Pape lived with their family many years after our grandfather Paul Robert Pape Sr. died in 1970.

Regina posted this picture on Facebook, explaining, "I brought the letter that Aunt Gerrie sent me to [sister] Shelly's house to ask her or [sister] Ruth about it. They both remembered seeing some pictures that our Great Aunt Gret did. Shelly has this one hanging in her house. They aren't sure what happened to the others."  Our Aunt Betty, my dad's sister, says, "This isn't the one I had [hanging in her bedroom in the house on Lunt Avenue], but I do remember this one!"

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  1. What a bright, happy twinkle in the eyes! I love it! And catching just a peak at the brick hearth. Delightful

  2. What a beautiful picture and it was done on my birthday. Reminds me of the illustrations in books my aunt read to me as a child. Thanks.