Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sentimental Sunday: Happy Easter - 1961

This is me on Easter 1961, which fell on April 2 that year. This was taken outside our family home at the time, at 7913 Cedel Drive in Houston, Texas. Two days later I turned four.

Yup, today is my birthday, only the second time since I was born that it has coincided with Easter (the last time was 1999). This won't happen again until 2021 when I'm 64.

Here's a table that shows when (western) Easter fell or will fall from 1583 through 4099, for those of you with birthdays between March 22 and April 25. It's part of a great website on Easter and calendars.

Back when I was little, my maternal grandfather, Charles Guokas Jr., used to pay for Easter dresses for me and my sister Karen. Karen's birthday is March 17, so it was kind of a combined Easter/birthday gift for both of us. Usually the dresses were alike, and were these lovely poufy things with the scratchy petticoats! When we got older, Mom, who is an excellent seamstress, often made our Easter dresses, and they were not the same.

Happy Easter, everyone!

© Amanda Pape - 2010


  1. Happy Special Easter Birthday to you!! Great pics!

  2. Amanda, Loved the pictures. I have one of my daughters at about the same age and time! Delightful.

  3. Please accept and pick up the the Ancestor Approved Award at Roots'N' Leaves

    I always enjoy reading your blog --- has a nice familiar feel to me. Thanks

  4. Sooo cute! Hope you had a great Easter!