Wednesday, February 17, 2010

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday: John Pape Family, circa 1910

This beautiful photograph is one I obtained from my newly-discovered second cousin Bill. He has graciously shared a number of photographs and images of items his grandmother, my great aunt, saved years ago.

This is a portrait of Bill's paternal grandmother, Martha Pape Bleidt, my paternal grandfather, Paul Robert Pape, and their siblings and parents, John and Gertrude Kramer Pape. Click on it to enlarge it and see more of the lovely details.

Originally from Westphalia, Germany, John emigrated around 1880 and Gertrude in 1885. They married in 1888. In 1899, John is listed in The Evanston [IL] City Directory as a partner in Singer [sic, actually Senge] & Pape dry goods, so apparently the family is doing well.

Standing are:
Martha (baptized Martha Elizabeth) born 19 OCT 1890,
Rhea aka Mary/Marie/Maria (baptized Mariam Gertrude) born 8 SEP 1892,
Lee aka Leo (baptized Leon Henry) born 27 DEC 1893,
Clara (baptized Clara Martha) born 12 AUG 1889, and
Paul Robert (baptized Paul Jacob) born 1 JULY 1896.

Seated are:
John born 25 OCT 1851,
Dick (aka Richard aka Otto (baptized Otto Joseph) born 29 OCT 1898,
Walter F. (I think this stands for Francis) born 2 AUG 1900, and
Gertrude born 9 JAN 1859.

Walter, the youngest, looks to be about 10 in this picture, so I am guessing it was taken around 1910.

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  1. Love this photo. And the story behind it so great! It is so cool that you found a relative and that he has such great photos to share. The joy of the internet.

  2. Hi

    Im from south africa, and my ancestors originate from Germany..

    do we have any relation

    NC Pape

    1. NC, we could very well be related, but it might be pretty far back. I've only been able to go back to my great-great-grandfather Jacob Pape in Germany in the mid-1800s with any certainty. One thing I have discovered is that Pape is a more common surname in Germany than I originally thought. Thank you for commenting!