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Sibling Saturday: April Fool on Me! Wolfe, Not Shelton, Family Reunion, c. 1964-1969

The photograph at left is of my great-grandmother (seated at far left), Addilee Tennessee Shelton Wolfe Odom Harris (1890-1977), and her four children and their spouses. Standing are Wallace "Archie" Archibald (1896-1970), Lloyd L. Wolfe (1906-1993), Louis Ely (1913-1980), and Robert "Bob" L. Brown (1908-1970). Seated are Addilee, my grandmother Sara (1908-1997), Lloyd's second wife Georgia Noreen Turner Wolfe (1911-1997), Neva Marie Wolfe Ely (1912-1995), Edith Elizabeth Wolfe Smith Murff Brown Gould Knox (1910-2006), and my aunt, Sara's daughter, Sister Jean Marie (Jo Ann) Guokas (b. 1930).

I first posted this photograph nearly seven years ago, and at the time, I thought it had been taken at a Shelton family reunion.  However, when I attended the reunion in June 2016, I found the following newspaper clipping in an album owned by my first cousin twice removed Shirley Thompson:

According to the caption, this photograph was taken during the Christmas holidays at the home of my great uncle Lloyd L. Wolfe at Crystal Lakes Estates near Lake Livingston, Texas. Archie and Bob both died in 1970, so this photograph was taken sometime before then; but after the death of Lloyd's first wife Florida Louise "Sally" Lasyone, who died April 29, 1963.  Noreen and Lloyd married on August 31, 1964, and the article gives the implication that they are a married couple, so the photograph was likely taken between Christmas 1964 and Christmas 1969.

Oddly, the caption in the newspaper leaves out the names of half the women.  The caption should have read, in the style of the day, "Left to right, seated, Mrs. C. B. [Addilee Tennessee Shelton Wolfe Odom] Harris, Mrs. W. [Sara Melzina Wolfe Guokas] Archibald, Mrs. L. L. [Georgia Noreen Turner] Wolfe, Mrs. Louis [Neva Marie Wolfe] Ely, Mrs. R. L. [then Edith Elizabeth Wolfe Smith Murff] Brown, and Sister Jean Marie [Jo Ann] Guokas.

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