Monday, November 9, 2015

Military Monday: "Royal Order of the Black Knights"

Dad received this certificate on February 10, 1953 - I'm guessing about the time he completed his 50th mission.

It reads:

17th Bombardment Group (L[ight]) Night Intruder
Royal Order of the Black Knights

Let it be known to all ye, herein present, that 2/LT Frederick H. Pape A0 [service number]
is a member in good standing, of The Royal Order Of The Black Knights.  He has completed enough hairy night missions, and told enough horrifying war stories to be eligible for a trip to USA-JIWA (Land of the white josans)  As a reward for his very great and glorious deeds he is now authorized to attack anything, anytime, anywhere, during the time of darkness.

The certificate is signed by the "High Exalted Grand Black Knight" (the Wing commanding officer, in this case Col. Clinton Curtis Wasem Sr.), by the "Exalted Grand Black Knight" (the Group commanding officer, then Col. William Cecil Lindley Jr., later a Major General), the "Grand Black Knight" (the Squadron commanding officer - unfortunately, I cannot read this name, it looks like Major Alfred A. B----), and by the "Black Knight (peon)" (the Squadron operations officer, in this case Capt. John S. Keller).

Dad said USA-JIMA referred to home, and josan is a Japanese word for girl.

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