Wednesday, February 25, 2015

(Not-So-) Wordless Wednesday: "All the Conveniences of Home" - Korea, 1952

Another photo from my dad Fred Pape's military scrapbook - this is from the inside of the "Sans Nookee Teepee":


On the back of the photo, Dad wrote, "My hand shook slightly as I took this scene inside the tent.  Milt* and I built the table.  Milt is setting up a pillowcase on the far right to show some of our color pictures.  Dick Parks* [is] standing at the table."  You can also see a stove for heat in the foreground.

* Milt is Captain Milton C. Royles, the pilot of Dad's B-26.  Richard Robert "Dick" Parks is a fellow navigator from Dad's class at Ellington Air Force Base who was also assigned to this squadron.

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