Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy New Year! Motivation Monday - Genealogy Goals for 2012

Okay, I'm about two weeks behind on this one, but I have a good excuse - I was out of town January 6-15 and trying to get some 2011 year-end stuff done in the days before I left - I've been playing catch-up in my life since Thanksgiving!

I'm not much for New Year's resolutions, at least not speaking them aloud or putting them on paper, as inevitably I don't achieve them. But maybe that's been part of the problem; not enough accountability.

Part of what's motivated me to try to set some genealogy goals for this year was a conference stipend from the Texas Library Association's archives, genealogy, and local history group. As it turns out, I will be unable to attend all of this year's conference (one of the requirements to receive the stipend), but I doubt that I would be a high-ranking candidate for the stipend this year anyway.  I have not been as involved as I should be in local genealogy and historical societies (joining Hood County's at their January 23 meeting) and even in the library association's district/system meetings (other than annual conference and North Texas Library Partners' TechNet,) although I am attending the Reference and User Services Association's History Section free genealogy preconference at the ALA (American Library Association) Midwinter Conference in Dallas this Friday..  I just did a presentation on "Social Media in Genealogy and Family History" at Tarleton's Texas Social Media Research Institute's first Social Media Conference, and I'm hoping to do that presentation somewhere else.  Maybe

Besides attending the local genealogy/historical society meetings (monthly except for July, August, and December), I'm going to try to post in this blog at least once a week (Amy Coffin's 52 Weeks of Abundant Genealogy should help, as should Thomas MacEntee's Genealogy Blog Editorial Calendars) and back up my data once a month.

I'm also hoping to combine partial attendance at this year's state library conference in April in Houston with some research there (assuming I figure out in advance exactly where I need to go and what I need to look for) on my mother's ancestors, some of whom immigrated there from Lithuania, as well as in Bremond and Hearne which are on the drive there.

Finally, after a bad experience trying to have microfilm sent to the local Family History Center (which I'll blog about later), I will make lemonade out of lemons by trying out the Family History Center in the town of my place of work - one of the lemons being that the upcoming retirement of my workplace's local history expert means that I'll be working Thursday evenings this spring, meaning I could take some Thursday afternoons to do some research there

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