Thursday, November 10, 2011

Those Places Thursday: Dad's High School - Loyola Academy, Chicago

The prompt for Week 45 of 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History is High School.  I'm going to continue the theme and talk about the school my father Frederick Pape attended for high school, which was then ninth through eleventh grades.

Describe your middle and/or high school. Was it a large or small student body? Is the school still in existence today? How has it changed since you went there?
Dumbach Hall, photo by Amerique, CC BY 3.0 license
Dumbach Hall, public domain photo, Wikimedia Commons

Dad went to Loyola Academy in Chicago from fall 1942 until he graduated in spring 1945.  At the time he attended, it was an all-boys Catholic school in the Rogers Park area of Chicago, on the campus of Loyola University (which Dad also attended).  The school was founded and still in Dumbach Hall (built 1908) on the university campus when Dad was in high school.

The school is VERY different today.  In 1957, it moved to nearby Wilmette, and in 1994, it went co-ed, merging with a nearby all-girls Catholic high school.

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