Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Courthouse Christmas: Burnet County, Burnet, Texas

This is a more modern courthouse (built 1937), but I like the way they string lights all around straight down from the flat top.  The "card" in front of the tree says "Merry Christmas from all Burnet County Employees."

City of Burnet Historical District marker outside the courthouse reads as follows:

"The first courthouse was of board construction and erected after the county was organized in 1854.  It was destroyed by suspected arson in 1874.  The second courthouse was built of limestone and served until 1935 when it was razed to build the present one.  This granite courthouse was completed in 1937.  Considered ultra modern at the time, it was the pride of the county.  It was restored in 2002 and listed on the National Register of Public Places."

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